HugeGraph 1.0.0 Release Notes

OLTP API & Client Changes

API Changes

  • feat(api): support hot set trace through /exception/trace API.
  • feat(api): support query by Cypher language.
  • feat(api): support swagger UI to viewing API.

Client Changes

  • feat(client) support Cypher query API.
  • refact(client): change ’limit’ type from long to int.
  • feat(client): server bypass for hbase writing (Beta).

Core & Server

Feature Changes

  • feat: support Java 11.
  • feat(core): support adamic-adar & resource-allocation algorithms.
  • feat(hbase): support hash rowkey & pre-init tables.
  • feat(core): support query by Cypher language.
  • feat(core): support automatic management and fail-over for cluster role.
  • feat(core): support 16 OLAP algorithms, like: LPA, Louvain, PageRank, BetweennessCentrality, RingsDetect.
  • feat: prepare for Apache release.

Bug Fix

  • fix(core): can’t query edges by multi labels + properties.
  • fix(core): occasionally NoSuchMethodError Relations().
  • fix(core): limit max depth for cycle detection.
  • fix(core): traversal contains Tree step has different result.
  • fix edge batch update error.
  • fix unexpected task status.
  • fix(core): edge cache not clear when update or delete associated vertex.
  • fix(mysql): run g.V() is error when it’s MySQL backend.
  • fix: close exception and server-info EXPIRED_INTERVAL.
  • fix: export ConditionP.
  • fix: query by within + Text.contains.
  • fix: schema label race condition of addIndexLabel/removeIndexLabel.
  • fix: limit admin role can drop graph.
  • fix: ProfileApi url check & add build package to ignore file.
  • fix: can’t shut down when starting with exception.
  • fix: Traversal.graph is empty in StepStrategy.apply() with count().is(0).
  • fix: possible extra comma before where statement in MySQL backend.
  • fix: JNA UnsatisfiedLinkError for Apple M1.
  • fix: start RpcServer NPE & args count of ACTION_CLEARED error & example error.
  • fix: rpc server not start.
  • fix: User-controlled data in numeric cast & remove word dependency.
  • fix: closing iterators on errors for Cassandra & Mysql.

Option Changes

  • move raft.endpoint option from graph scope to server scope.

Other Changes

  • refact(core): enhance schema job module.
  • refact(raft): improve raft module & test & install snapshot and add peer.
  • refact(core): remove early cycle detection & limit max depth.
  • cache: fix assert
  • fix apache license conflicts: jnr-posix and jboss-logging.
  • chore: add logo in README & remove outdated log4j version.
  • refact(core): improve CachedGraphTransaction perf.
  • chore: update CI config & support ci robot & add codeQL SEC-check & graph option.
  • refact: ignore security check api & fix some bugs & clean code.
  • doc: enhance &
  • refact: add checkstyle plugin & clean/format the code.
  • refact(core): improve decode string empty bytes & avoid array-construct columns in BackendEntry.
  • refact(cassandra): translate ipv4 to ipv6 metrics & update cassandra dependency version.
  • chore: use .asf.yaml for apache workflow & replace APPLICATION_JSON with TEXT_PLAIN.
  • feat: add system schema store.
  • refact(rocksdb): update rocksdb version to 6.22 & improve rocksdb code.
  • refact: update mysql scope to test & clean protobuf style/configs.
  • chore: upgrade Dockerfile server to 0.12.0 & add editorconfig & improve ci.
  • chore: upgrade grpc version.
  • feat: support updateIfPresent/updateIfAbsent operation.
  • chore: modify abnormal logs & upgrade netty-all to 4.1.44.
  • refact: upgrade dependencies & adopt new analyzer & clean code.
  • chore: improve .gitignore & update ci configs & add RAT/flatten plugin.
  • chore(license): add dependencies-check ci & 3rd-party dependency licenses.
  • refact: Shutdown log when shutdown process & fix tx leak & enhance the file path.
  • refact: rename package to apache & dependency in all modules (Breaking Change).
  • chore: add license checker & update antrun plugin & fix building problem in windows.
  • feat: support one-step script for apache release v1.0.0 release.

Computer (OLAP)

Algorithm Changes

  • feat: implement page-rank algorithm.
  • feat: implement wcc algorithm.
  • feat: implement degree centrality.
  • feat: implement triangle_count algorithm.
  • feat: implement rings-detection algorithm.
  • feat: implement LPA algorithm.
  • feat: implement kcore algorithm.
  • feat: implement closeness centrality algorithm.
  • feat: implement betweenness centrality algorithm.
  • feat: implement cluster coefficient algorithm.

Platform Changes

  • feat: init module computer-core & computer-algorithm & etcd dependency.
  • feat: add Id as base type of vertex id.
  • feat: init Vertex/Edge/Properties & JsonStructGraphOutput.
  • feat: load data from hugegraph server.
  • feat: init basic combiner, Bsp4Worker, Bsp4Master.
  • feat: init sort & transport interface & basic FileInput/Output Stream.
  • feat: init computation & ComputerOutput/Driver interface.
  • feat: init Partitioner and HashPartitioner
  • feat: init Master/WorkerService module.
  • feat: init Heap/LoserTree sorting.
  • feat: init rpc module.
  • feat: init transport server, client, en/decode, flowControl, heartbeat.
  • feat: init DataDirManager & PointerCombiner.
  • feat: init aggregator module & add copy() and assign() methods to Value class.
  • feat: add startAsync and finishAsync on client side, add onStarted and onFinished on server side.
  • feat: init store/sort module.
  • feat: link managers in worker sending end.
  • feat: implement data receiver of worker.
  • feat: implement StreamGraphInput and EntryInput.
  • feat: add Sender and Receiver to process compute message.
  • feat: add seqfile fromat.
  • feat: add ComputeManager.
  • feat: add computer-k8s and computer-k8s-operator.
  • feat: add startup and make docker image code.
  • feat: sort different type of message use different combiner.
  • feat: add HDFS output format.
  • feat: mount config-map and secret to container.
  • feat: support java11.
  • feat: support partition concurrent compute.
  • refact: abstract computer-api from computer-core.
  • refact: optimize data receiving.
  • fix: release file descriptor after input and compute.
  • doc: add operator deploy readme.
  • feat: prepare for Apache release.

Toolchain (loader, tools, hubble)

  • feat(loader): support use SQL to construct graph.
  • feat(loader): support Spark-Loader mode(include jdbc source).
  • feat(loader): support Flink-CDC mode.
  • fix(loader): fix NPE when loading ORC data.
  • fix(loader): fix schema is not cached with Spark/Flink mode.
  • fix(loader): fix json deserialize error.
  • fix(loader): fix jackson conflicts & missing dependencies.
  • feat(hubble): supplementary algorithms UI.
  • feat(hubble): support highlighting and hints for Gremlin text.
  • feat(hubble): add docker-file for hubble.
  • feat(hubble): display packaging log output progress while building.
  • fix(hubble): fix port-input placeholder UI.
  • feat: prepare for Apache release.

Commons (common,rpc)

  • feat: support assert-throws method returning Future.
  • feat: add Cnm and Anm to CollectionUtil.
  • feat: support custom content-type.
  • feat: prepare for Apache release.

Release Details

Please check the release details in each repository: